ZeroToOne Conference 2.0 was remarkable, Aishat Ajibola writes the full story

For by education we move past the limiting bonds of good intention and embrace an effective and informed pragmatism that only knowledge and understanding can bring.

According to Mr Ridwan Rasheed, the founder of the foundation, the foundation focuses on sharing useful information to youths, to promote their affinity for entrepreneurial skills and innovative ideas needed to create sustainable environments. They have worked with several organizations and have been able to impact over 1500 youths. The founder envisioned a society where people will be able to access valuable information that can transform their lives regardless of their financial status and background.

When we thought about putting this together, we wanted an experience that will create a mind-shift and set attendees on fire to achieve whatever they imagine in their minds. We didn’t just want to create another conference but set out to be the plug and bridge our participants need to unleash their potentials(Killer Ideas). Our aim was to challenge youths to look beyond their current state and ignite ideas that are capable of transforming their lives in a positive way. Ridwan Rasheed, Founder & Executive Director, ZeroToOne Foundation

The conference featured six impeccable speakers including; Mr. Emdee Tiamiyu, Mr. Oyindamola Johnson, Prince Gideon Olarenwaju, Dr. Segun Fatudimu, Miss Ada Nduka Oyom, and Mr. Michael Ekundayo.

Speaking on Clarity, Mr. Emdee Tiamiyu, a motivational speaker, spoke on the importance of curiosity in finding clarity in life. He emphasized the importance of clarity as a way to get in the right direction and make every journey unique.  He stated the areas needed to find one’s clarity which includes; what you are good at, what you have in excess, what you use to lack but you now have and what your parent leave in you. He urged the participants to prevent doubt from affecting their ways of lives.

Mr. Oyindamola Johnson enlightened the participants on the importance of innovation and its influence on the quality of every individual’s curiosity. He stated the tips needed to encourage innovative ideas which includes; practicing curiosity, having one’s plan written out, testing assumptions, building a prototype, conducting quality research, knowing the market and being aware of customer’s needs. He concluded his session by encouraging the participants to execute their ideas as ideas are only worth a dime.

In an exemplary way, Prince Gideon Olarenwaju engaged everyone on the big impacts usually created by small ideas and the ways the impacts can be maximized by executing small ideas effectively. Noting that the frameworks for social development fall under Awareness, Service, Advocacy and Philanthropy, he also added that the participants should understand their purpose, develop clarity and embrace the capacities to build their ideas.

Dr Segun Fatudimu, the founder of Sozo Network, spoke about the ways to attract global opportunities and the power of being intentional about thinking differently. With his organization growth’s story, he encouraged the participants to start fixing their strategic outlooks and improve on their ability to create solutions. Lastly, he advised them to build their self-esteem, sustainability and succession plan.

Elaborating on Technology and the 21st-century ideas, Miss Ada Nduka Oyom, the founder of “She Code Africa”, mentioned the importance for clarity in promoting one’s enterprise to fit in with the latest technology advancement. She advised the participants to find their suitable fields in the tech world and grow the required skills. Also, she encouraged them to be ready for opportunities, practice new things and build more.

Mr. Michael Ekundayo enlightened the participants on how virtualization and cloud computing works. He elaborated that a virtualization systems management tool is a tool for managing virtual machines and hosting servers, and embracing it is a way to attain high-tech success in this current and upcoming century. He stated the benefits of virtualization as a quality, time-saving and affordable tool needed in this age of technology. To expatiate more on virtualization, he demonstrated the ways with which it can be used as a tool for creating virtual operating systems for different software packages.

Towards the end of the program, there was an entertaining performance by a singer and comic actress. Followed by the panel session where the speakers did a recap of their discussion and entertained questions from the audiences. They advised the participants to be inspired by their hindsight and be motivated by their foresight. The participants were able to relate with the speakers and get insights needed to unleash their killer’s idea.

You can find the full event pictures online here