#Tech4Peace hashtag for Technology for Peace, a workshop organized by CFN (Conflict Free Nation), partnered by 021 (ZeroToOne) and CCHUB (American Corner, Yaba), is a one-day workshop held on CCHUB grounds, American Corner, Yaba, Lagos, focused on furnishing youths and young adults with technological skills with the aim of reducing insecurities in Nigeria to the barest minimum through the right use of tech skills.

CFN (Conflict Free Nation) is an non-profit organization, geared towards  reducing insecurities in Nigeria through media and active advocacy against threats and insecurity patterns inn the nation in partnership with 021 (ZeroToOne Foundation) a non-profit organization which is passionately committed to the twin societal problems of unemployment and unemployability, by raising and nurturing highly effective youths and young adults, who can transform their communities through digital skills, employability, entrepreneurship and transformational leadership, organized the one day program as a means of fortifying 30 selected youths chosen based on merits and passion for tech skills for a free all expense training on tech skills of based on their areas of strength and passion over the space of a year while also providing mentorships, consultancy and project monitoring required for their expertise in selected fields while also assisting in partnership with teams from CFN and 021 in materializing their projects into ready-made items which would be available to the public to combat insecurities both on social media and the present communities of the Nigerian state.

Core focus were placed on AI (Artificial Intelligence), Digital Marketing, Audio-visual Editing and Graphics/3D Designs as a prototype of the grand design of the partnership workshop.

Introductory session was anchored by Mr. Lukmon Akintola, the founder and head of CFN (Conflict Free Nation), who talked about the rationale behind holding such an important workshop. He further spoke about the need for youths to focus on impacting and availing themselves tech skills, important for personal growth and society development.

Opening remarks was taken by Mr. Adebowale Williams, a representative and Director of Partnerships under 021 (ZeroToOne). He talked about the common addiction of youths and young adults to tech instruments most especially smartphones and systems and how these addictions could be used for personal and societal development necessary for the promotion of growth values in the Nigerian community and the African continent at large. He particularly hinged on the word which says “it is not what you do not have that limits you but what you have and do not know how to make use of”, citing the BBC report in conjunction with the Nigerian Police on how fake news on Facebook had contributed more to inter-tribal war and deaths than every other factor in recent times. He ended by charging everyone present to learn and use tech skills as a tool for effecting change in the society.

The following sessions were followed by different activities before each participant were further separated into their areas of interest which consists of AI (Artificial Intelligence), Audio-visual Editing, Digital Marketing and Graphics/3D Designs with experts in these fields available to teach participants the basic knowledge on these skills with speech, audio and video presentations while also taking each question asked by participants. Slides were further shared amongst participants for extra learning while participants were able to meet up with the experts for consultancy and personal deliberations. The workshop ended on a refreshment and cognitive ability test, where participants were tasked to form groups and construct paradigms based on what has been learnt so far. Further charge was given by Mr. Lukmon Akintola, who challenged participants to engage more in the learning process so as to stand a chance of being selected for the 30-man list of participants to be trained and mentored in tech skills which would be a catalyst for personal and communal growth.