ZeroToOne Conference 2.o

May 25, 2019, Ibadan

Ideas rule the world! They cause tremendous changes!!

Inside you is a unique potential that the world is waiting to be blessed with. This potential will get you the employment of your dream or start the business of your choice.

We will help you bring out these unique potentials and get you ready for the job by profiling you and setting the best for your ability and talent.
Do you want to change your life and make the world a better place?
Then, you should be at the ZeroToOne Conference 2019!

About ZeroToOne Conference 2019

ZeroToOne Conference is an annual strategic event set up by the ZeroToOne Foundation; a non-profit organization which is passionately committed to solving the twin societal problems of unemployability and unemployment, by raising highly effective leaders who can transform their communities through digital skills, employability, entrepreneurship and transformational leadership. The Foundation also ensures the emergence of these leaders through personal development and effective mentoring.

Inspiring Keynote Speeches

Our speakers are great achievers who will inspire and hold you spellbound with their amazing stories of adversity, clarity, triumph and change. Our awe-inspiring speakers redefine courage and human potential through their numerous exploits. They will energize attendees with stories that inspire peak performance, move you to action and create a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose. They will also enable you draw out your creativity. You will surely be empowered and inspired to achieve that wonderful idea of yours! Watch out!

Breakout Session & Workshop

These sessions are engineered to drive you from just imagination to creativity. You will learn a great deal on how to: unlock your creativity accelerate innovation and adapt to change!


    Through this wonderful platform, you would get to meet exciting and highly people who are making great impact in their society. You will able to collaborate with them for entrepreneurship, employment and other lifetime opportunities! Something to look forward to? Right?

    Featured Talks & Speakers

    Hello, the future is calling!

    Ideas are dime a dozen and are evenly distributed. You will find the best of revolutionary ideas that can put humanity on the next curve of innovation in rare places. 

    Lets help you change the paradigm and unleash the imagination the genius in you.

    Ada Nduka Oyom

    Technology and 21st century ideas

    Prince Gideon Olarewaju

    Small Ideas, Big Impact

    Oyindamola Johnson

    Unleashing your killer Idea.

    Segun Fatudimu

    Attracting Global Opportunities

    Emdee Tiamiyu

    Finding Clarity

    Pictures Gallery

    You don’t want to miss out of this wonderful opportunity! No! Not for anything!

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