Hi everyone! I am Oluwatomisin Ojuade and I’m here once again to share my experience at the 021 foundation international youth day event 2019 held on the 15th of August 2019. It was a great priviledge to have my favourite speaker, “The King of Motivation, EmDee Tiamiyu with speak to us once again. He is a barrel of wisdom. Thanks for always being an immeasurable inspiration at all times. I was too excited to write much but I’ll share the few I was able to jot down. According to EmDee, the earlier you know that you are responsible for your life, the faster you can accelerate in life. In other words, stop the charade of “nobody loves me, nobody wants to help me, nobody even cares”. Yeah, we know all that so,what else? Move on man because you know what? While you are busing whining, life is going on and people poorer than you are making things happen! So, get up and take charge because last time I checked it is still your life!

One more thing, Self deceit is what gets us into trouble at times. Stop living someone else’s life. That’s to say, stop being fake! It’s rampant in our society, don’t indulge in this despicable habit. You know what? We may not know your life’s a lie but you know! So who are you deceiving? The people who won’t bother helping you because they believe you have it all or the people who will envy you and strive harder diligently because unconsciously, your pseudo-success has challenged them. Wake up and smell the coffee!

How do you conquer Self deceit? Self motivation is very important, but by the time, you gain self maturity, you begin to learn to live life well! So what you really need is Self Maturity, and to accomplish this, you need Self Mastery. To learn if you have mastered your self, ask yourself these questions; How are you doing financially, academically, mentally and emotionally? Please be honest with yourself! Do a sincere personal evaluation.

-Self Mastery:
commit to a journey of knowing yourself. Aristotle said,
“those who know others are wise but those who know themselves are wiser still”. The success of your life is by far determined by how much you know yourself. P.A.P: Peak Assimilation Period. Know your PAP and exploit it to achieve maximum success. Don’t leave things to chance. Find yourself. Self mastery leads to growth. Listen, read or watch something positive to grow. The way you live everyday adds up to the way your life ends up. The things you feed yourself can help you grow. Growth gives you fulfillment. You learn how to manage things better, how to manage your life better. You learn that your relationships should compliment you and not complicate you.

-Manage your friendship: realize the fact that you are a social being and hence, you can’t do without others. Manage your relationships well. Your friends are important. Friends have so much influence on us. Friendships and influence go hand in hand. If you want to control or influence somebody in life, be their friend. Your friends are more powerful than your parents. Know who your friends are. No apologies. Let your friendship be a blessing to you and vise versa.

-Manage your inner conversations. Control your subconscious mind, don’t let it control you. Your subconscious mind is very powerful. It records everything around you and when it will act, it doesn’t take permission from you. You control it when you have control of your inner mastery. Do what needs to be done regardless of all the negative conversations in your head. Control your ear time and your airtime. Be the master of your world. Your ears are the windows into your mind. If you don’t feed your subconscious mind, it will feed itself so feed it with positive things.

-Do a destiny audit. Your destiny is the summation of what you came to life to do. What you want to achieve. What your life is about. These are the questions to ask yourself;
Where do you want to go?
Where are you right now?
How do you plan to get where you want to be?

The main gist of the meeting was: “most times what we need is not someone with a blank cheque, someone with a magic wand or fairy dust. Most times, what we really need is Self belief, Self motivation and Self mastery. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Exploit your strengths and limit your weaknesses. Be the pilot of your own life. You’re not where you want to be? Hard luck baby. But you know what? Not everyone who is creating a rave in our world today are who they dreamed of when they were younger. The difference between you and them is that they understand that fate is a fickle bitch and you need to be a bigger one who’ll demand what she wants and not wait for it to come ‘when God wills’. God is powerful, yes! But He won’t do it for you. You can’t spend your days praying for a job on a mountain and not go for interviews and hope to get a good job. All you’ll get is the job of a sanctuary keeper. To make things happen the way you want you need to ditch the pity party, there aren’t enough condiments there. When life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade. Get motivated! Be proud of who, what and where you are. Never lose sight of where you want to be. Do something new everyday that will push you nearer to your goals. You know the saddest thing? If you don’t do it for yourself, NO ONE WILL!

Thanks once again EmDee, you’re a truly terrific guy and I hope you get all you dream of because if anyone can do it, you can. To the core team of The ZeroToOne Foundation who put up this programme, you’re unique and special and I hope you know that!