Dear reader, How are you today? I hope you are good.

At some point in our lives, I realized it could get really hard trying to stay productive a times, I mean honestly, it could be an herculean task a times, especially with the many uncertainties out there now.

But guess what , I came up with some little tips that can help you stay you productive.
First thing i’ll like you to keep in mind is that, to actually stay productive, you have to be disciplined! So, let’s get right into this!

Write down the list of things you need to do in a day, be specific and reasonable about your tasks as possible. For example, don’t just write “read a Don’t make it too complex or don’t make the tasks unequal. Understand that some tasks will take longer time than others. Track the time you spend on each activity, this will help you see if you’re wasting too much time on a task than you should.

I can say that this has helped me a whole lot of times. Having a colleague or friend checking in on the progress of your project or work can help you focus and stay on task. When you know that you have to report to someone about the progress of your work you’re less likely to fall behind.

I do this often when I actually want to get things done. , your phone devices actually makes your life easier, but honestly, they can be a great distraction if you let them. For the time you have allocated to work, put your phone away or turn off the notification, better still, tailor the notifications to only those that are important and you know you’ll be needing. That way, you’re able to finish up more stuff with less or no distractions.

Did you know your physical environment actually impacts your work? Having a well-organised workspace helps you stay productive, you don’t have to hunt and search for stuff all the time when you need to use them, that alone takes time and could be frustrating. Imagine having to look for the pen you have to write for close to thirty minutes, that can be very frustrating right? Take out stuff that you don’t need anymore and throw them away or give them out, and put your workspace in order.

Nobody, not even highly productive people can focus for up to eight hours straight up. It simply isn’t possible. That’s why taking breaks is so important, and even research shows that it makes people more productive. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes, take that break, sip some chilled juice, do some stretches, have some cookies, also, be very deliberate with your break. Don’t schedule a break for 10/15 minutes and take the break for 30 minutes instead, be deliberate about your breaks too.

With all this being said, I hope you look forward to having a more productive week ahead of you! I’ll love to hear your testimonials about how your week went if you wouldn’t mind though.

Cheers to productivity, .