How do you “Find & Attract Opportunities”?

At Zero to One conference, I answered with 3 tips:

  1. Learn non-stop
    The first time I Knew Koye, we were in Loyola College, JSS3 I think. He was a bright student with a crazy habit…the habit of reading all sorts, a lot. At Wesley College of Science and later at Obafemi Awolowo University, you would typically find Koye eating and reading, in the bus and reading, in the toilet and (possibly) reading. Some people found him irritating, maybe even proud. I found him inspiring.
    While his mates were busy reading school books, thinking just CGPA, Koye was thinking about life after school. He didn’t want to spend any time sitting at home on graduation. He wanted to work with a big firm. His opportunity came in his final year when P&G came recruiting. He was on a 2-1, majority of the other candidates were on first class. But the questions were not based on physics or technical jargon, they were IQ tests, the kind his well-read mind was perfectly suited for. He passed. 12 people were selected for the interview stage.
    At the final stage of the interview, they asked him a rather surprising question: what is purchasing? He told his interviewer all He knew about Purchasing – which amounted to an English definition. Of course, the fact that He was well-read meant that He could give a long definition. But then told him He could learn all that He needed to know within a few weeks. Koye & 1 other person were selected for an internship, and Koye was the only one rehired after the internship. Talk about the ability to deliver incredible value and proffer solutions.
    He not only got the job, He achieved multiple promotions in a few short years.
    It’s what you’ve read that takes you ahead.
    You are needed to the degree to which you are loaded.
    You cannot invest in your personal knowledge and end up a public nuisance.

  1. Brand Yourself
    When I mention Dame Patience Jonathan, what comes to mind?
    When I mention Wole Soyinka, what comes to mind?
    When your name is mentioned, what comes to mind?
    What one thing are you known for?
    If you’re not branded, you’re stranded.
    For instance, how did I become Nigeria’s ‘Star of the year’? Funto Koya was impressed by my Linkedin profile and wrote a story about my life. That story was voted as the most inspiring Nigerian story for 2015.
    How was I selected among 35 most outstanding African youths by NED from 2,000 applications? The chief recruiter said She had never seen a CV like mine before.
    Use Social Media in a Way That Enhances Your reputation. Consider creating a personal website or at least a professional blog. Insights on your industry, even inspiring examples and stories can establish you as an authority.
    Whether you in search of a job or you are trying to start a business, differentiate.
    As the CEO of Epower, my most important job is to define our direction, to help us differentiate. We do not just want to be another digital marketing firm, we want to be the firm you call when you need elegant web solutions.

A great brand is the best magic wand.

  1. Hunt opportunities like crazy
    Most of the awards I have won were opportunities I spotted on the internet. The same internet where some WhatsApp all day, view pornography and scam others.
    For instance, I am a fellow of the Tony Elumelu Foundation and the Royal Commonwealth Society. How did these happen? I hunted.
    There are scholarships, internships, jobs, contests, fellowships…all kinds of opportunities.

Success is what happens when opportunity meets preparation.


When you learn nonstop, brand yourself and hunt opportunities, new doors will begin to open for you, new things will begin to happen to you, and a new you will begin to happen to life. My name is Ogunbowale Olugbenga, Go succeed.

Happy birthday to the amazing Ridwan Rasheed, COO at Epower, a brother and a friend. Thank you for putting together such an awesome event.