On Saturday 1st of February 2020, We kickstarted our first Accelerate Workshop for the year themed Getting Things Done In 2020. This workshop was organized to educate and prepare young people on how to set goals, achieve them and access all opportunities the year has to offer in their career and business.

Emdee Tiamiyu, the king of motivation was the guest speaker.

On the first session, Emdee talked about the power of clarity and growth. He explained the difference between growth in children and adult. Growth in children is natural, spontaneous, straightforward and predictable. Growth for adults means “acquired ability to do today what you couldn’t do yesterday because of a decision and action you took”.

Emdee Tiamiyu – Getting Things Done In 2020

Emdee explained growth through the power of your network (people around you), doing a life audit of oneself, organisations one belonged to and having a mentor to accelerate one’s growth.

On the second session, The King of Motivation talked about how to make proper planning of one’s life and how to measure things that really matter. He gave insight into differentiating between tasks that are important, urgent, urgent and important and those that are neither urgent nor important. In addition, he emphasized on the need to have a vision board that shows you the things you planned to achieve in life, the essence is to have a pictorial representation of each goal because our mind thinks in pictures.

The second speaker, Ridwan Rasheed, the founder of ZeroToOne Foundation talked about “How to access global opportunities”, his talk which can be broken down into strategic alignment, telling a compelling story about who you are and what you stand for and the importance of NETWORKING to achieve one’s dreams and aspirations.

Ridwan Rasheed – Getting Things Done In 2020

He told his own very rich life story as someone who literally comes from a “Not well to do family” to being an award-winning entrepreneur and winner of many Grants for his business and organisation. He explained the use of Social Media to reach out to potential sponsors and investors in one’s business.

At the end of each session, questions and answers were entertained and all the audience were thrilled with the knowledge that was impacted upon them from the two amazing speakers.

The audience shared their experience after the program; some of them are reproduced below.


The seminar revived me to abstain from things that defer me from growing positively. Also, it gives me more hope of improving on my effort to achieve my goals. – Owolo Samuel

My name is Iyanuoluwa, this TED Talk was really motivational and relatable. I was able to relate to a thousand and one of the things that were said. I plan to work on them and develop myself. God bless you richly. Amen !!!:

Shittu Annat K. – It was an eye-opening program, thanks to our speakers and those who organised it.

Bright Heaven’s – Fantastic! I have learnt a lot from Emdee and Ridwan today and will be putting the lessons to good use.

Adeoluwa Balogun – The program is quite motivational and educating; it is life-changing

I’m Rasheed Afeez A, getting things done programme is highly impactful to me, I count it as a great medium to be enlighted and put an end to my ignorance. Thank you.

Some of the pictures from the event are below.

You can find the full event pictures online here