On another edition of #021TweetChat held on Friday, March 20, 2020. Our Facilitator was Gbenga Ogunbowale @gbengaogun. He discussed with us on the topic “Building Entrepreneurial Attitude and Opportunity Recognition”

Read The Conversion as it was discussed below:-

Hi @gbengaogun, I am AbdulFatah Yusuff, on behalf of our organization and audience, I want to thank you for joining us this evening to share your thoughts on building entrepreneurial attitude and opportunity recognition.

Brief Introduction:- Gbenga Ogunbowale is an award-winning Entrepreneur and CEO of Epower, he is a TEF alumni and a Mandela Washington Fellow

To get us started, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey?

Thanks for sharing my brief bio. Asides from founding @EpowerNg and leading @toes_today and @pacesetting_LC. I am a fan of @realmadrid. I love to share, and inspire and make people happy. My entrepreneurial journey started way back in Uni. Actually; I had learnt basic computer engineering and desktop publishing while waiting for admission as a sec school graduate. I had to teach in a primary school for 6 months, saved up most of my salary and checked myself into a computer school. That decision paid off because when I gained admission at OAU, I noticed final year students at the time needed help with MS office. I started organising trainings and designing graphics.

What does it really mean to be an Entrepreneur?

It means to solve problems. Problems people are willing and able to pay for. An entrepreneur solves problems and/or creates immense value for others. People like @AlikoDangote @mrmacaronii @BillGates are all entrepreneurs in their own way.

Do you think anyone can become and succeed as an entrepreneur like you?

Yes and No. Yes, because you can learn the skills. Essentially, you need vision, grit, ability to spot and act on opportunities, ability to sell your ideas, ability to mobilize teams etc.

No, because not everyone is cut out for entrepreneurship. There are folks who excel in a system. You can call them intrapreneurs

There are people whose strengths are best suited for a career… For 9-5. It’s a mistake to try to encourage everyone to pursue entrepreneurship. While we need more entrepreneurs, we would not have successful enterprises without professional leaders…. Without thoroughbred career people. Both sides of the equation are equally important. And if money is the reason you want to start your own business, you, really need to count your cost. Entrepreneurship is tough. Some of my richest friends have a job. We need to be guided. Choose the path that plays best to your strengths. Don’t let the society pressure you into making the wrong choice.

As a versatile Entrepreneur, what will you say are the attitudes that have brought you this far?

Recordkeeping, Grit, Empathy, Tracking opportunities, Personal development.

For those who don’t have these attitudes how can they build them?

I think having role models and mentors is perhaps the fastest way to learn. Books, seminars and other ways will help too, but there is nothing like learning from someone who is doing every day, what you want to do someday.

Let’s talk a little about spotting and recognizing opportunities, how did you spot your first business opportunity?

I mentioned it earlier. It was on campus. Final year students needed MS office skills to complete their project. I, a bloody fresher, organised a seminar to teach them.

How do you know as an entrepreneur that an opportunity is fit to turn into a business?

First, test your assumptions. Never start building a solution or a software or whatever, until you have paying clients… Until you are absolutely certain people will buy. I learnt this the hard way. Run your idea by your target audience, if they are not willing to drop money. Maybe you need to go back to the drawing board or even kill the idea.

Interesting, what other ways can one find/spot a business opportunity?

1. Keep your eyes and ears open for complaints. Complaints are the signposts of opportunities. It means there is a problem waiting to be solved.

2. Do your research. The fact that there is a problem does not mean people are willing to pay to solve it.

3. Take action.

Let me also add that trends, changing times even crises,  comes with opportunities. Winston Churchill once said “never put a good crisis to waste”

What are your advice to entrepreneurs applying for opportunities related to a particular business?

Look for folks who have won that same opportunity. For example, if you’re applying for @TonyElumeluFDN grant (and you should), you can certainly talk to fellows like myself or @rasheedridwon. Track opportunities, beat deadlines, apply for what you qualify for, and focus on growth

To wrap it up, do you have any particular resource(Paid/free) that have helped you win several opportunities for your business? Kindly share with us. And can you share with us the good work your company Epower Nigeria is doing? As well as how people can reach you?

I wrote an eBook on HOW TO WIN GRANTS. It costs just N1,000 ($3) and It comes with 1 month of free coaching! Pay via http://paystack.com/pay/wingrants

Or by bank transfer. UBA, 2075528625, Olugbenga Ogunbowale. Once you pay, send your name & email via Whatsapp to 08037285780

@EpowerNg is a digital agency connecting businesses with customers through creatively crafted websites and Apps. Hands down, we build the best websites and Apps in Nigeria. We have served clients across 4 continents. You can reach me directly on 08037285780.

Visit http://epower.ng Or check http://epower.ng/portfolio

It’s been phenomenal talking to you this evening, thank you so much for joining us and sharing those deep thoughts. On behalf of our Executive Director @rasheedridwon and the whole team, we want to say a big thank you. Gbenga:- @021foundation thank you for having me.