Eliminating Unemployment And Enhancing
Employability One Youth At A Time.

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About Us

ZeroToOne Foundation is a global Non profit working to solve the problem of unemployment and lack of good skill labour caused by the perennial problem of poor, archaic university education and poverty in Africa.

What We Do

Our work is focused on using innovative approaches to design, develop and implement programs that empower young people with critical skills needed to actualise their potentials and eradicate poverty.

Our Mission

We’re are raising a generation of highly effective leaders capable of transforming their personal lives and their communities by equipping them with transformational Leadership, Entrepreneurial, Employability and Digital Skills.

Youths Impacted

Programs Organized


Our Approach

Creativity & Innovation

We go the extra mile to develop innovative programs and projects that can enable us to achieve our vision in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

Commitment to Cause

We continually design new programs while iterating on old ones and then, improving our knowledge of the issues and how best we can address them through learning, research and technology.

Unity of Purpose

We value the strength that exists in diversity and we partner or collaborate with various groups that are focused on solving similar problems.

Our Why?

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, ”Unemployment is the greatest problem facing Nigerian youths and this jobs gap puts millions of youths at risk of poverty, frustration, and criminal activities such as theft, drug trafficking, oil-bunkering, terrorism among others”. In 2014, during the National Immigration Service Recruitment, 6.5 million Nigerian youths applied for a mere 4,000 jobs resulting in stampede and 16 death!

How We Do It?

  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Workshops



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